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Are you looking for a Church  Home?  Trinity Episcopal Church welcomes you home to worship with us.  We are many, but we strive to be one in Christ, accepting all for who they are, and who they want to be.


 Not sure you know how to “do church?”  Don’t worry about the fancy vocabulary, this is all you need to know:  Music, candles,  chimes, and sometimes incense.  You’ll meet people who smile and welcome you no matter who you are, what you  look like, or how you live.  You’ll hear wisdom from the Bible and receive food for mind, body and soul.   Help us pray for people near and far.  Watch children and young people whose enthusiasm for Christ makes you feel a part of it all.


The Episcopal Church is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion, the

churches around the world that trace their roots to the Church of England, and maintain a communion with it, hence the name “Anglican.”  The Episcopal Church  is distinguished by its standing in both Protestant and Catholic traditions, its insistence that people be able to worship in their first language, their use of a Book  of Common Prayer, and their reliance on Scripture, Tradition, and Reason in  interpreting God’s Word.


There are a variety of activities in which to participate.  We have opportunities

for fellowship in our Quilting Ministries, the Trinity Cut-Ups; The Daughters of the King Order, our award winning choir,  our dynamic Christian Education Program  serving the needs of all ages, and many others.  You choose how active you want to be, always knowing that you are welcome wherever and however you decide to serve God.


This historical church is not only a beautiful place to worship, but it is alive with the faith of Christians eager to welcome anyone who seeks a closer relationship with God and Jesus Christ.  


Come be with us in worship, praise and fellowship and  be part of the Episcopal Community at Trinity.

Trinity Cut-Ups with the “Ohio Star” Quilt.  The quilts are donated to local Nursing Homes for their patients who are in need of a little extra comfort.

Who we are